Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Book Stack

My current reads are "Angela's Ashes" (second time around) and "Eclipse" (part of the Twilight series). Two at once, but I can't help myself! When I hit the library I actually usually get 6-8 books...I am not sure why because my library is only a few blocks away. It's just greed, I guess.

My friend had been recommending Twilight for months...badgering actually. To the point I was bruised. So I had some extra dollars on a gift card after Christmas and went for it, even though I was pretty embarrassed carrying a young adult book to the register at my age.

I got home and started to read...and was immediately hooked. Now I am more embarrassed with myself. But what makes it any different from reading (and enjoying) the Harry Potter series or the Chronicles of Narnia, other than the fact that I am actually reading those to my children at night? I think because it may suggest mid-life crisis!