Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MONDAY HON...on Tuesday

I planned to post this yesterday but it took me a while to figure out my new phone! Monday Hon posts will be all the little (and sometimes big) reasons that I love-love Baltimore.

So for this inaugural post...I chose The Great Halloween Lantern Parade!!

The parade celebrated it's tenth anniversary this year - it's so hard to belive I was there for the first one! It is quite a spectacle with stilt-walkers, impromptu bands, human lanterns and Halloween costumes all rolled through the dark paths inside Patterson Park. The best part is that anyone can jump in line with their lantern and join the amazingly alternating raucous and solemn creep through the trees. Our favorite spot is always right behind a jazzy band of fellows playing slightly spooky music with brass and drums and even accordians. It usually ends with a Magic Lantern Show as the Grande Finale, projected on a huge screen. Kudos to the parade Director, Molly Ross, for a brilliant mesh of her fantastic vision with a truly community event!

Friday, October 16, 2009

GIVEAWAY opportunity!

I just love Amanda Johnson's blog: here's lookin' at me kid I swear some of her vintage clothing from the 70s and 80s came out of my closet! Amanda is hosting a give-away of one of my newest lovelies: a double-swag choker chain adorned with a shimmering fabric blossom in teal and green. So check out her blog between this Friday and next Wednesday to enter in a random drawing. I have also offered her readers a free with purchase deal which will be extended to you as well. If you make a purchase between now and October 31st, you will get a complimentary set of three Confetti Bangles! They are a super sweet design which are currently only made available at the markets. If you decide to make a purchase, just send me an email stating your wrist measurement and indicating whether you'd like rose/peach tones, blue green tones or neutrals.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Feeling Nostalgic...

It started last Sunday with an order for pink chiffon flower earrings...six days later I am still hooked on the same fabric - very "not like me"! My favorite completed work is this sweet pink and gray asymmetrical necklace. All of the elements remind me of different pieces of jewelry I cherished back in the 80s...some still sitting in the box on my vanity! Pink and gray recalls freshman year, a favorite checkered button down -belted and bloused of course - a poodle skirt party, and listening to Prince.