Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I just finished my first few SecretKeeper dollies! They are a spin off of the Kokeshi dolls made in Japan. Super-cute printed fabric stuffed with natural bamboo fibers which are super soft and naturally antibacterial. Each little doll will come with a full size pillowcase which has a sweet little pocket for them to sleep in. Your little girl can whisper her secrets and dreams each night before bed...the Keeper will put them in her little pouch. She may even be able to hold a lost tooth for any fairies that pop by....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ok - I just joined Twitter...have no idea what I'm doing there! But Todd Marrone is there and that is entertainment value in and of itself. Good for mini-breaks from the studio!

My creative ADD is in full gear...too many projects at once! But I am excited about the Kokeshi dolls I am working on...hope to finish them by tomorrow and post a pic before I take them down to the Exchange. I did a whole bunch of banners last week but forgot to photograph them. They looked awesome draped, overlapping each other, on the table like colorful fish scales. My friend saw it and thought it was a really interesting apron. Umm, yeah, for the Jolly Green Giant?! but it did get me thinking...giggle

Monday, March 9, 2009


I just spent the weekend ambling all over New York City searching for little treasures...and can't wait to get to work on some new baubles this week!

My first (and ultimately favorite) stop was Tender Buttons. What a magical place! After reading some not-so-nice reviews online, I must say I was really WOWed once I found it. The shop is very petit and quaint...and the atmosphere is like a library and museum in one. I was in love immediately...and was hesitant to even post this find because I really want this place as a secret all to myself!

The reviews had mentioned rude staff members, but let me tell you...the only attitudes I encountered were coming from two different customers. "Can't you MATCH a button for me?!" was a comment from one lady who was running one clerk all over the place, pulling out box after box. I'm sorry - if you can't match buttons to a white blouse on your own what does that say about you??

Wait until you see what I whip up...check RiRiFisch.etsy.com this week and next!

Another place I cruised was the flea market in Hell's Kitchen! I did get a little handful of unusual goodies there as well.

The rest of the time was, of course, spent eating (YUM!) and showing my husband all of the places I would be willing to live if he wants me to move to the city.